Kaleidoscope FAQ


1. I’m interested in applying and developing my leadership skills but I have no solid idea yet.

We’re not looking for solid ideas at this stage. Our job at Kaleidoscope is to help you shape your idea so you’ll be able to pitch it to future partners/sponsors. What we’re looking for is an issue that you’re passionate about and some idea of what you want to see in the future that could potentially fix the issue.

For example: “I’m really interested in learning more about the law and it worries me that a lot of young people in Australia don’t really understand how the legal system works. I’d like to develop a program that would help them understand their rights and responsibilities as a citizen.”

Even if you have no idea yet how that ‘program’ would look like OR you have multiple ideas in your head, that’s ok. We’ll help you make a solid plan during Kaleidoscope.

2. Does the idea have to be around multiculturalism or youth?

No. The idea or issue could be about anything, as long as you strongly believe that it is important to your community. In the past, we’ve had projects related to arts, sports, legal education, and others.

3. I’m over 25 but under 30, can I still apply?

We will assess this on a case-by-case basis. Our workshops are designed for young people who haven’t had any experience implementing/managing a community project. Put in your application how you think you would benefit from the skills that will be taught during Kaleidoscope. Generally, we find that people over 25 years old already have lots of experience from work or other volunteering activity, which is why they might not find the workshops as helpful.

Unfortunately, 30 years is the maximum age we can accept as Kaleidoscope is targeted towards young people. 

4. Do you accept late applications?

We will only extend the due date for applications if we receive requests to extend it. So if you are interested but won’t be able to submit your application on time, please email us at secretary.mynt@gmail.com in advance.