The Executive Team


The Executive Committee of MyNT is made up of passionate individuals who volunteer their time and energy to make governance decisions regarding the organisation. The calls they make ensure that MyNT stands strongly and is able to continuously move forward in line with its values and vision.

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Krshna Capaque | Chairperson

I am studying Bachelor of Laws/Arts in CDU. I have been a member of MyNT since 2012 but decided to finally take on a bigger role by applying for an Executive role after constantly being inspired by the crazy yet wonderful people of MyNT. I joined MyNT because of my belief that young people can make positive changes in their community with the right resources and opportunities.

Saurav Kundu | Vice-Chair

Hey guys, my name is Saurav, but you can call me Rus. I’m currently at CDU as a law student. Life as a uni student so far has made me realise that there are so many opportunities out there and places in which you can always make a difference. That is how I see MyNT as an organisation and precisely why I’ve joined! I have participated in an event that MyNT has run previously and it was interesting to see such a determined and dedicated team help educate young people on problems that our society and the world faces, and seeing as I love to volunteer and have a keen interest in these serious matters, I joined MyNT!

Zade Mauger | Secretary

Hi! I’m a born and bred Darwinite currently studying Bachelor of Laws! MyNT has always had a notable presence in the last few years of my schooling and university life, with numerous events being held that helped facilitate social cohesion and harmonisation within the community in fun and creative ways. Facilitating in UN Youth’s annual Territory Conference for two years opened my eyes to how much I enjoyed volunteering, and fostering important, relevant and fun forms of education for young people. I decided to join MyNT with the hopes that I would be granted opportunities to continue this! And with such a positive and influential organisation, I’m certain this can be achieved!

Geraldine Cusher | Treasurer

Hello, I am currently studying Bachelor of Commerce and Law. I joined this organisation, as I believe MyNT is the perfect platform to bring forward issues, and advocate ideas, regarding solutions to the diverse issues existing within today’s society. I hope that through my participation as part of the executive committee, I positively contribute towards influencing others, and provide the needed support and guidance to fellow members of the multicultural youth community. I look forward to the coming year, as I begin my journey with MyNT.

Michael Galvan | General Executive Member

Hi everyone, I am a nursing student at CDU. I am a Darwin born child and have lived in the NT ever since I was born. I have attended multiple events run by MyNT, through invites from friends. This made me want to join MyNT as it is a noteworthy organisation that focuses on running a variety of events that are inclusive of all cultures, and youths within the Territory. I hope that by being a part of MyNT, I create a positive impact on the community, and provide support and guidance to the other executive members of MyNT.

Rangga Daranindra | Immediate Past Chair

I have been a part of MyNT for a while now and I believe that volunteering allows me to understand the community better and meet new people. I completed my postgraduate degree in Masters of Business Administration and am now starting my career in the NT Public Sector. In my free time, I also volunteer in organisations such as Multicultural Broadcasting Council NT (MBCNT), Young Professionals Network NT and Australian Indonesia Youth Association.