About us

Established in 22 April 2007

Based in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Multicultural Youth NT (MyNT) is a dynamic, growing youth for youth organisation that seeks to unify young people (aged 15-30 inclusive) of ALL backgrounds.

MyNT is a youth-led organisation which builds the capacity of young Territorians to be active members of their community. We envision empowered young people, equipped with skills and resources, working together to make their ideas reality.

In everything we do, MyNT values openness, harmony and a whole lot of FUN! Like our Facebook page so you’ll be kept informed and invited to all our events and activities. Also, we’d greatly value your suggestions and input. Come join us ☺️

Make MyNT your NT!

MyNT Charter

This Charter was moved by the MyNT Executive on July 2016.